Here you will find information on all our latest events and activities, including our Life Groups.


Each of our Life Groups run on a 12-week cycle during the school term. We are constantly evaluating interest within these groups in order to keep them fresh. You may find that some groups only run one cycle while others may run multiple cycles. Whatever the case may be, when you find the right group to suit you, we would love you to commit to that group for the duration of that 12-week cycle. That way you will be able to get to know one another on a more meaningful level. You can find more information on our current groups by clicking on the buttons below:







19 JAN 2019
09:30AM 11:45AM
Men's Walk
26 JAN 2019
09:00AM 10:00AM
Les Quennevais Sports Centre
Runners Group
24 JAN 2019
19:00PM 21:30PM
Rainbow Hair Salon
Prayer Lifegroup
14 JAN 2019
12:00PM 13:15PM
St Paul's Centre
Lunchtime Prayer
03 FEB 2019
04:15AM 17:45PM
Les Ormes
Indoor Football
10 JAN 2019
19:30PM 21:30PM
Lewis & Ife's home
Lewis and Ife's group
17 JAN 2019
19:30PM 21:30PM
Adam & Kuda's Home
Adam and Kuda's LifeGroup
16 DEC 2018
09:45AM 10:15AM
11 JAN 2019
11:00AM 13:00PM
Life Centre
CAP Lifeskills Course
10 JAN 2019
19:00PM 21:00PM
Audrey's Home
Tinashe & Jane's LifeGroup
16 JAN 2019
19:30PM 21:30PM
Robin's LifeGroup
16 JAN 2019
11:00AM 13:00PM
Day-Time Group
22 JAN 2019
19:15PM 21:30PM
Coopers & Co Castle Quay Cafe
10 JAN 2019
19:30PM 21:30PM
40 Century Buildings, Esplanade
Gelo and Jackie's LifeGroup