COVID UPDATE – Some of our normal Kids’ work has been modified due to Covid restrictions, but, within Covid safety guidelines, we are endeavouring to provide great and relevant discipleship for the kids. Please see HERE for more information about all our Services.

Children and Teens are extremely important to us at Lighthouse Church.

We believe that even though kids are physically small, they are spiritually huge, and we prioritise their care and discipleship.

Jesus said “let the little children come to Me” and we want to make this possible, and enjoyable for the children.

For Teens we provide a time and space that is guided by adult supervision, but is uniquely “their own”.

Our goal is to create a group that honours God, and provides a fun peer experience as the Teenagers grow into adults. Other than Sunday mornings, there is a meeting on Friday evenings bi-weekly in leaders’ homes.



A time and space is provided on Sunday mornings when teens can discuss important matters with a leader.

The teens also get together every second Friday night for a time of fun and fellowship.

AGES 5 -11

A Sunday group is provided for children aged 5 to 11 tailored to the age groups within this range.

The kids stay in the main service for the first couple of songs, and return again for the last song.

The children are given individual care and age-appropriate activities to help them develop spiritually and socially and to learn to worship God.

BABIES & TODDLERS (up to reception age)

Nursing mothers can participate in the service and there is a space at the back of the room where they can have some privacy.

Parents look after their own toddlers either in the service or in a specially provided space for them. No toys are provided during this Covid time, but parents can bring their own.

The parents organise and coordinate among themselves to provide activities, worship and teaching for the little ones.


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