Bronwyn is a musician, mother and medical professional with a servant's heart. She and Gregg have been married for 26 years and have planted and led many Churches in different countries around the world. She is still the undisputed family table tennis champion, but her sons are likely to rob her of this title sometime soon.
Gregg is a Church planter who has in the past held down secular jobs while planting Churches. He currently leads Lighthouse Christian Church in Jersey, UK, and heads up the Leading Lights Network. Gregg is devoted to his family, and he loves to help people develop to their full potential in God. Gregg has never run a marathon.
Heidi is married to James and is Mum to Rebekah (18), Alex (16) and Judah (11). She has been involved in ministry for over twenty years and currently deals with all the administration at Lighthouse. She loves to use her spare time creating memories with family and friends.
Having spent six years in south-west London James joined the Lighthouse leadership team in 2011 along with his wife, Heidi and 3 children. He has been involved in various pastoral roles over the last 20+ years and has a great appreciation for the outdoors and loves any opportunity for a bit of adventure.



Lighthouse was born in 2009 when four people sat on a park bench on a Sunday morning to pray and seek God’s heart for the vision of a
new Church in Jersey that God had put in Gregg’s heart.


This tiny group began meeting on Saturday evenings in a rented community hall, with no equipment, and hardly any money, but with hearts full of passion to show God’s love to this Island, and beyond.


People found their way to us from all sorts of backgrounds and

places and there was a powerful sense of destiny and a growing understanding of the huge love that God has for us as individuals and for the world around us.


We have outgrown our venues several times and now have lots of people and lovely facilities and equipment, but the original heartbeat of compassion for the lost world around us has never changed – in fact it has grown stronger. In addition to reaching Jersey for Jesus, we are now also involved in helping ordinary people around the world to start churches where they live. God truly has made us a “light for the nations” and the best is still ahead.


These are the things that we hold dear. As a Christian Church, our main foundations will always be the Bible and Jesus’ sacrificial death for us on the cross. But out of these two foundational truths, certain other things become very important to us, defining who we are, and how we live our lives, and making us different to other Churches and Christian organisations.


Grace is the wonderful love and kindness of God. Imagine going to a supermarket and finding out that someone had already paid for all of your shopping! This is a picture of the free gift of salvation in Jesus, and we love and revel in it. Grace makes us joyful and thankful. It also makes us eager and able to live a Godly and clean life for God. Rather than making us sin with impunity, grace actually gives us more power (and a desire) to live for God, in a way that rules and laws could never do. Grace makes us humble, because we have not deserved any of these great gifts that God has given us, and it makes us gracious and forgiving to others, since we are recipients of such amazing generosity from God.

It’s all about relationships! God went out of His way to restore a relationship with us, and we are willing to go the extra mile to keep good, healthy relationships in our Church family. We want be real and authentic, honest and mature, and we are willing to invest and commit to these relationships so that they stand the test of time. Membership in our Church is not about having a name on a list, it’s about being committed to my brothers and sisters and working together for a common cause. These Christian bonds are so rewarding that they make any effort totally worthwhile.

All Involved

One of the main pictures in the Bible for the Church is that of a BODY, with every part being vital to the health and activity of the whole. The Church is not a show or a service that we watch and consume, but rather it is a team sport in which we all get to use the gifts and talents God has given us. Our leaders lead (make decisions for the Church) and coach others, but the MINISTRY is not done by them – it is done by all of us. Because of this, our Sunday services are an equipping and coaching time, but the main activity of the Church happens in the other 165 hours of the week – in small group meetings, in one on one interactions, and in our workplaces and social spheres.


A Charismatic Church believes that God is still willing and able to do miracles today. We are such a Church, and we expect and experience supernatural interventions from God at any time in our daily lives. Our worship times are Charismatic too – heartfelt and lively songs and prayers that involve our “heart (emotion), soul (will), mind (intellect) and strength (physical body)”. You may see hands raised, emotion expressed, and supernatural expressions of God’s love while we worship Jesus. We believe that all Christians can be filled with God’s Spirit and operate in the supernatural realm, and, in fact, we encourage it as a part of ordinary, everyday life.


If Jesus left heaven to live and die for us, then we cannot remain in a comfortable “Holy Huddle” in the Church while millions die around us without Him. We must tell others about God’s love and Jesus’ death for them, and we must be willing to pay a price to demonstrate this love too. We actively seek to show God’s love to as many people as we can, in our home of Jersey, but also around the world. This is one of the main heartbeats of our Church life together and we are passionate about seeing the lost saved, set free and healed while we “plunder hell and populate heaven”.


Jesus told us to “GO and MAKE DISCIPLES of all the nations, BAPTISING them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit and TEACHING them to obey all the commands I have given you. ” (Matt 28:19)

This is our mission and purpose, and we are excited and passionate about living it out.


We GO out of our Church meetings into our local community to interact with people and show them God’s love. We also go and broadcast into the whole world to reach, help and encourage people all over the world to grow in Christ and to start groups and Churches where they live.


We MAKE DISCIPLES primarily through small group meetings. The small group meeting is a Biblical model for people to use their gifts for the Lord, to grow as Christians, and to become accountable and committed to other Christians. Making Disciples also includes the command to:

BAPTISE – Baptism is a powerful sign of new life in Christ, and pictures us being absorbed into Christ’s body and being filled with His Spirit.

TEACH –  We use large and small meetings, and  technology and media to spread the message, and to bring people to full maturity in Christ and to make them active in Christian ministry.


One of our main tools is a website, LeadingLightsNetwork.com, where all of our material is freely available in a format that makes it easy for people to grow and become equipped for ministry. 


“I have made you a light for the nations; you will show people all over the world the way to be saved.”  (Acts 13 vs 47 MSG)


We believe that there are people in every corner of the world who can start or lead groups of believers in their homes or other settings. This is why we have set up the “Leading Lights Network” to put this wonderful opportunity well within the reach of ordinary people wherever they live. The same resources that help people in other countries, are used by our local members to reach our community for Christ, primarily through starting and leading small home groups that we call “Lifegroups”.