Bronwyn is a gifted musician, a loving mother and has a real servant heart. She and Gregg have been married for 25 years and have planted and led many Churches in different countries around the world. She is still the undisputed family table tennis champion, but her sons are likely to rob her of this title sometime soon.
Gregg is a Church planter who has in the past held down a demanding secular job while planting Churches. He currently leads Lighthouse Christian Church in Jersey, UK, and heads up the Leading Lights Network. Gregg is devoted to his family, and he loves to help people develop to their full potential in God. Gregg has never run a marathon.
Having spent six years in south-west London James joined the Lighthouse leadership team in 2011 along with his wife, Heidi and 3 children. He has been involved in various pastoral roles over the last 20+ years and is tremendously excited by the challenge of Church planting. With many years spent living in Zimbabwe, James has a great appreciation for the outdoors and loves any opportunity for a bit of adventure.
Heidi is married to James and is Mum to Rebekah (15), Alex (13) and Judah (8). She has been involved in part and full-time ministry for over twenty years and currently deals with all the administration at Lighthouse. She loves to use her spare time creating memories with family and friends.



Lighthouse was born in 2009 when four people sat on a park bench on a Sunday morning to pray and seek God’s heart for the vision of a
new Church in Jersey that God had put in Gregg’s heart.


This tiny group began meeting on Saturday evenings in a rented community hall, with no equipment, and hardly any money, but with hearts full of passion to show God’s love to this Island, and beyond.


People found their way to us from all sorts of backgrounds and

places and there was a powerful sense of destiny and a growing understanding of the huge love that God has for us as individuals and for the world around us.


We have outgrown our venues several times and now have lots of people and lovely facilities and equipment, but the original heartbeat of compassion for the lost world around us has never changed – in fact it has grown stronger. In addition to reaching Jersey for Jesus, we are now also involved in helping ordinary people around the world to start churches where they live. God truly has made us a “light for the nations” and the best is still ahead.


– Matt 28:19, 20



Grace is the wonderful love and kindness of God. Imagine going to a supermarket and finding out that someone had already paid for all of your shopping – wanting nothing in return. This is a free gift. Grace makes us humble, joyful, thankful and kind.

We  want be a real family -honest and transparent people who do not hide behind pretence or rituals. The world around us is crying out for authentic reality – not just another scripted show. We have something real to share and so we put a high priority on being authentic.

All Involved

This means that everyone in the Church is important and qualified to serve God, not just a few highly trained professionals. We need everyone’s gifts and input for the Church to be a healthy and growing body. While not everyone is called to lead, we can all use our gifts to serve the Lord and those around us.


This is a term used to describe Churches that are alive to the reality of the miraculous and the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit in our everyday lives. We believe God is still a healer and that He does many miraculous things in people’s lives. Our Christian lives are energised and vitalised by this miraculous and supernatural element – The Holy Spirit’s power.


This means that we do not want to be a “Holy huddle” but want always to be reaching out and trying to love and make contact with those who do not know Jesus yet.